My reasons for choosing the name Firefly Massage are threefold:

Firstly, I believe that most of us, when we hear the word ‘firefly,’ are simultaneously filled with nostalgic memories of gentle, inky-calm, star-studded summer nights and a sense of wondrous joy in seeing the magic that gentle flash of a firefly brings. I would like to help you recreate this feeling in your lives and I believe that massage can help you get there. It is my goal here in my studio to create that initial calm and relaxed feeling of such a firefly-filled evening.

Secondly, from the moment the name was suggested it resonated with me in a way nothing else had. The name itself rejuvenated my passion for massage every time I heard it, and I simply can’t argue with that sort of magic.

And thirdly, I want to help you become the firefly. I want to help you rediscover your inner joy, your personal light, as it were, and I believe that when we take the time to truly care for ourselves (with a massage, for example) we will discover the key to inner joy has been inside ourselves the whole time. I want you to leave my studio filled with that second, wondrous joy for all of the good things you have been given in this life. I want you to leave feeling like you have taken the time to relight the fire inside you.

relax, rejuvenate, Relight.