Hello all! My name is Jen Karvonen and I am a homeschooling mama to three beautiful children. As this is my primary identity at this time I have chosen to work out of my home to maximize my time spent with them, passing on the savings of renting my own business space directly to you.

I graduated as a Certified Massage Therapist in May, 2018 from Minnesota State Community and Technical College in Wadena, MN. I became passionate about massage after noticing the helpful changes it induced in my oldest child in particular and only grew that passion while in school.

I have a set aside a small studio room strictly for massage in which I have created the ultimate in relaxation atmosphere, unaffected by children and family pets. I use a slow, intuitive based approach to massage with long, relaxing strokes and love to incorporate hot stones for deeper, longer lasting work. I enjoy learning and am always actively pursing more knowledge to give you the best, most personalized massage around!

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