90 minute massage $70

An intuitive combination of hot stones and relaxation techniques designed to melt away stress and offer longer lasting results. I am passionate about the slow, whole-body approach this time length allows and I promise that when someone loves what they do the benefits can only be passed on to their clients!

60 minute focused massage $50

A detailed massage covering a specific problem area in order to help you feel better faster! Choose between complete upper body; back only; arms and legs; feet, hands, and face; or request something tailored specifically to you!

2 hour massage $130

Similar to my 90 minute massage this time length offers deeper muscular work and the greatest possible chance at walking out of the very first appointment feeling refreshed and ready to follow life where it leads!

30 min youth massage (age 5 to 15) $30

Kids today experience stress at a young age. Whether it stems from societal pressure, anxiety, sports, or simply developing new skills, it all takes a toll on their bodies. Set them up for life by teaching them to care for themselves today!

60 minute prenatal massage

Slip into peace with a gentle and relaxing side-lying massage OR choose to use a special pregnancy pillow to safely enjoy all the benefits of a traditional massage.

Myofascial unwinding $30/30 mins

A gentle touch and stretching technique intended to stimulate a spontaneous physical reaction to move you into your natural position of ease.

Loyalty Cards

Purchase 5 in-studio 90-minute massages and get the 6th one free! As an added bonus, I keep your loyalty card right here in my studio so it’s never lost or forgotten at home!

Gift Cards

Gift cards are available for in-studio purchase for the full price of any one of my services.